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About Us


FVCKU is an online brand that offers colorful and unique stuff for real life unicorns! We want to create a more fun and a more colorful world with our products. As the mass production increase, fashion industry became like a monster which forces everybody wear the same boring clothes. – OMG – Sad but true, but Hey! We are here on your side to fight against the monsters. We promised to bring you the best, the most colorful and unique shoes. Join us and say FVCKU.

What does FVCKU mean?

FVCKU means “FUCKU” and  “Fuck U” or with a correct writing it means “Fuck You“. So, no secret meaning or a mystery, FVCKU is as you guess and how you pronounce it.

Using the  letter “V” instead of “U”  is because of internet censorship purposes. If any website uses the word “fuck” in their domain names, than big sites who rules the online world ( google and facebook ) will censor the content.. So, better to say FVCKU to all kind of censorship.

Where is the company?

We are based in Istanbul/Turkey and we have a production team in China. All the designs and online stuff is managed from Turkey while the production and the shipments are made from China to all around the world. We are happy to say most of our customers are from the US and UK.

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Company Name: FVCKU LLC

Company Adress: Islambey Mah.

Mehmet Aliaga Sk

Eyüp – Istanbul- Turkey