How To Measure Your Shoe Size


Get two pieces of paper that are big enough to fit one foot. Get a pencil, ruler in centimeters, and follow these simple steps

    • Prepare the first piece of paper by drawing a line across its length
    • Put the paper alongside a wall with the line pointing away from the wall
    • Stand on the piece of paper with your back and heel against the wall. The middle of your heel and your longest toe should fall on top of the drawn line
    • Mark the point on the line where the tip of your longest toe ends.
How To Measure Your Shoe Size

How To Measure Your Shoe Size

  • Do this activity on a flat, solid surface, and follow these instructions carefully to make sure you get the right size for your sandals or shoes
  • In centimeters, measure the line from the edge of the paper up to the pencil mark. That’s your foot measurement.

After measuring your foot size in inches or cm, you can easily check any brands size chart accordingly these measurements and find out which size you should wear.

For our shoes please check out our international size conversation chart page to find our your US, UK and EU size.

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